7 Steps to Wealth

The Vital Difference between
Property and Real Estate

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John is not just an author; he has been in property for 35 years and built his own fortune.Bob Ell, Top 100 BRW, Billionaire 2017
I congratulate John on his compelling insights into how to make real estate work for you.Maha Sinnathamby, Top 100 BRW Billionaire 2017
This is the best book for property investors. John’s book should be taught in every single high school.Nev Pask, Top 100 BRW Billionaire 2017
I followed 7 Steps since 1998. My wife and I acquired 6 properties, sold 3 to fund our family home and now we’ve purchased our 4th investment property.Jason McCartney,Former AFL Player
I started 7 Steps in my 50s. 20 years on, I sold just 1 of my 10 properties and made $280,000 profit from a $47,000 deposit! Thanks to 7 Steps my retirement is securedMargaret Seedsman, Former Mayor
John presents an honest, time tested strategy to wealth accumulation that every Australian should know aboutMichael Baragwanath, Director of Enva
7 steps works. We weren’t property people when we got started, but we learned how to build a portfolio and retire early without the pension.Mark and Debbie Jarman, Self-Retired
7 Steps gives us a choice when to retire as opposed to 65 or 67 years of age.Margaret Wachnik, Business Owner

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Must-read Book for Property Investment Beginners...

‘In an ever changing investment climate you need an all-weather, proven property strategy. And this is it.’

This book is meant to assist you in becoming familiar with the basis of a statistically proven property plan for achieving financial security and to embark upon figuring out how to get compound growth. And if you’re not sure what compound growth is, good – you’ve picked the right book.

- John Fitzgerald, CEO

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