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We put 90 Custodians into Wynnum West in 2000


1.Wynnum West is situated 23km outside of Brisbane CBD, 20km from the airport.
2.Our properties were located 2km from the nearest train station and less than 1km from a bus stop.
3.Close proximity to further transport infrastructure and local amenities.
4.Grown at a rate of 2.62%p.a. in population – Since 2000 (Australia’s population over the same period was 1.7%p.a.).

Custodians bought in Wynnum West for $180,000 and today a property there is worth $610,000. Based on an initial 15% deposit, that’s annual return on equity of 78.5% P.A.

(They also receive rent of $400-450 a week – a further 77% gross return on their money).

If you would like for one of our team members to explain these numbers in more detail, click here.

While house prices have gone up by 8.8% per annum, Land prices per m2 have gone up 28.9% per annum since 2000 in Wynnum West.

That’s why step number 1 in 7 steps to Wealth is ‘Buy land for capital growth’.

As property investors, these are the numbers you need to know.

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Custodian Team.