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We all know how daunting buying your first home can be.

I mean for those of us who have been there, we know all first home buyers look for the same thing: Wise advice and assistance from people you can trust.

So, what do First Home Buyers actually look for?

we look everywhere, we find first home buyers checklists online on random websites – sometimes from people trying to help, sometimes from banks, sometimes from people you know. Either way, you have to figure out whom to trust, and that is the turning point.


The right team by your side before you start!

I remember buying my first home, it was such a mix of emotions: can we afford it? What happens if I lose my job? Can I still have a good lifestyle as I enter the world of Mortgage? Am I becoming a grown-up? Where will I find the best first home buyers tips? Where do I find information about government grant for first home buyers? Who will have a first home buyers checklist that I can follow and that will actually help me get there? 

So many questions, so many first home buyers tips everywhere I look. We got there in the end, just as you will, if that is where you currently stand.

What we do at Seven Steps to Wealth is live and breathe property, so we thought we could help Australians that fit the first home buyers category and are likely to be eligible for the first home buyers government grant. Why? Because our take is different, our perspective goes beyond the first home, it takes you all the way to what your first home will bring you with time if you pick the right location and timing.

That is exactly why you should come to our first home buyers’ tips masterclass. Not only do you get a home buying checklist, with the essentials of how and why you will get your government grant, but also and more importantly, you will find out how to make $250,000 tax free with that very home.

Seating is limited

Join Alex now! This 35-min educational seminar is free seating and will be held at Melton Valley Golf Club on 12 June 2019.