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‘I Am abundance’ or ‘I Am scarcity’

The 2 most powerful words we use are ‘I Am”. They literally define everything about us. My great friend, Father Charles Ogada wrote a most insightful book, entitled ‘The I Am Principle’, drawing from the bible and other ancient texts.

It therefore troubles me whenever I hear Custodians use ‘I Am’ in front of negativity or scarcity. I am struggling. I am worried about my money, etc etc. I am not earning enough money. I am going broke. I am running out of time.

The big one I hear is ‘I am selling down’. It’s as though life is over and there is no hope for you.

You well know I’m a firm believer in a positive mindset. Everything starts with a thought. There’s a great saying ‘where there is hope in the future there is power in the present’. This is so true and yet too many people I speak to wallow in ‘negative noise’ that becomes part of their own repertoire. Hope in the future is you designing it. Everything starts with a thought. 

At age 40, Henry Ford was broke and had failed in the car business. That failure provided the lessons for him to become the world’s richest man by age 45. Col Sanders was living in the back of his truck as a 65 year old when he turned his life around.

Many Custodians have been with us on the journey for 20 years and approaching 60 or even 70. As we get older we have to work much harder at mindset and look for inspiration. It’s vital.

My great mentor died at age 87 and was still buying property 2 months before he passed even though he had cancer. He maintained his positive outlook right to the end. The property, however, wasn’t for him. It never was, it was always for his children and grandchildren.

When you give and live in abundance, the world opens up for you. When you hoard and contract, the opposite occurs.

Over the next few months, I am doing a series of small events around the country on this and engaging your kids to take over and continue building your portfolio. If you would like to come along, please email