First time home buyers event, brought to you buy the creators of 7 Steps to wealth - Only this 16th Apr -

Are you eligible for First time home buyers grant?

Buying the first house can be so daunting and complicated, no matter what age you are, imagine at 21!

In 2011, aged 21 and off the back of the GFC, James bought his first home by utilising some creative tricks he learned from family and mentors. 

James certainly wishes he knew more when he first started buying the first home. The great thing is – he has done it all and is about to share with us exactly the Do’s and Don’ts from his first-hand-experience

So, how did James buy the first home?

James started with a $5,000 deposit thanks to the first home buyers grant, offered to all first home buyers in Queensland at the time – and still today. 

7 years later, at 28, he is now the proud owner of 4 properties. He was not only able to buy the first home but also with time and equity building up in his first property, he would buy another one, and another one and another one.

James has managed to build his portfolio through a combination of first-hand experience (both what to do and not do) and also the knowledge and mentorship of his uncle, one of Australia’s most successful property investors and mentors – also author of the 7 Steps to Wealth book.

And now, if you are:

>> Living in Queensland

>> Going to buy your first home 

>> Having just a small amount of deposit to start

Great news for you: James will be hosting a workshop where he will give you all the help you get your first time home buyers grant approved right the first time.

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The right team by your side before you start!

In just 35 minutes, James will gift you the knowledge he has acquired through the years:

1. Picking the right property

2. Being creative with your finance

3. What all the confusing jargon actually means in real person talk

4. All the traps to avoid and

5. Who you do need in your team and who you don’t.

Seating is limited

The second event is free seating and will be held at Quest Springfield Central on 27 June 2019.