the key to your success

Remember the ABC of the Success Triangle (Session 1.4)? They are:

Awareness – being alert and available when opportunities present themselves

Belief – being committed to investigating opportunities in order to achieve your goals

Conduct – doing what it takes to bring the opportunity to fruition

Let me distil that into three little words that are the key to your success: act as if. Act as if you are serious about achieving your goals. Act as if you are serious about building wealth. Act as if you can’t fail. Start with this attitude and you will be much more likely to make it happen. Here are three simple tips that will:

      • Help you to take yourself (and your wealth building) seriously

• Help others to take you (and your wealth building) seriously

• Motivate you to keep going (since you will have invested in the first steps)

• Make your future wealth building activity a lot more efficient and effective

Set up an office at home

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a spare room or much space available. Set aside some space that is your office. When you’re there, you’re working. Let your partner and kids know it and, more importantly, get to grips with the idea yourself. This is your workspace, your success space. You’ll need:

• A desk (or suitable table) and a work chair

• Α telephone with an answer machine or messaging service

• Α fax machine (if you don’t have access to the internet)

• Ideally, a computer, with access to email and the internet. I know many investors who still don’t use e-mail or the ’net. If that’s you, don’t worry about it. A computer can be a convenient way to access information and exchange messages but it can also stop you from getting out of your chair and looking for opportunities, knocking on doors and talking to people which you also need to do.

If you’re serious about building wealth, you’ll start to look out for opportunities wherever you are. And you’ll get into some serious networking and information-swapping. Mobile phones are part of everyday life these days so if you don’t already have one, you may need to consider getting one. 

Personally, I use one with a dictaphone built into it: that way, when I’m driving around neighbourhoods and spot a property that I think may be of interest, I can make some quick notes into the dictaphone for following up later. You might like to try it.

Get yourself a business card and letterhead

This may sound a bit daunting, but it needn’t cost much and you needn’t end up with boxes of them. If you have a computer, you may have the facility to create your own business cards and print them out on pre-perforated paper or card. There are instant print machines around which allow you to design your own and have small quantities printed out in a few minutes (although the quality varies).  Alternatively, any high street print shop will be able to help you.

Nominate yourself as a property investor. That’s what you are.

Now that you’re in business, you need to promote yourself. Hand out as many business cards as you can to friends and people you meet, as well as relevant people like real estate agents, and begin to talk property as much as you can. Get the word out that you’re interested in property and serious about it. Someone who gets your card may want to talk to you about property or know someone else who will.

You will need letterhead too. Presentation is important. Show that you’re serious. Get professional looking letter paper done up on your computer, or get it done for you by a high street print shop. It doesn’t need to be fancy. It does need to say ‘Property Investor’ prominently at the top. Get the word out.

A graduate of my Untold Wealth seminars, who had never owned a property before, announced at a function he was attending that he was now going to get into property investment and development. One of his friends informed him he had $100,000 that he’d be prepared to invest with him! They bought a block of land, subdivided it into two lots and resold – and our guy made a tidy $20,000 without using any of his own money – just through spreading the word.

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