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The group–individual–spiritual triangle

One of the dimensions represented by the Success Triangle is the three forces that influence our thinking and we need to harness for our success:

• Group forces – including family, peers and cultural influences

• Individual forces – including our beliefs and values, and the influence of mentors in our lives

• Spiritual forces – including intuition.

The Awareness-Belief-Conduct (ABC) Triangle

Awareness, belief and conduct are the ABC of any successful venture.

Awareness is how we access our intuitive power: learning to see the big picture.

• Belief is the strength of conviction, our faith in ourselves and our dreams – setting goals and sticking by them.

• Conduct is how we live out that path: how we act on our awareness and our belief to pursue our goals.

The Creative–Capitalist–Conductor (Three Cs) Triangle

A successful business requires three key ingredients: creative ideas, capital and management.

• Creative people are the ideas powerhouse of the venture. They often think out of left field – unconventional – perhaps even eccentric. They study problems trying to find solutions, and continually churn out new ideas.

• Capitalists are entrepreneurs and opportunists. They don’t necessarily create anything new, or generate new ideas: they look at the way things are, see their bigger potential and begin to promote that.

• Conductors are managers. They live in the detail, think through consequences, follow through plans and make things happen. 

You may not have those three traits within yourself. Most people have leanings towards one or perhaps two aspects but it takes all three to make a successful venture. Creatives generate innovation. Capitalists propel innovation. Conductors refine the process and make it run.

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