Robert Green
What does a landlord really want?

Investors know that cashflow and lifestyle are directly related. This is why they become landlords. They invest with the view to creating cashflow and then use a portion of it to fund their lifestyle.

In Australia, if you are savvy enough and you know an investment grade property when you see it, investing in property is the fastest way to build cashflow.

Now as a Principal Real Estate Licensee, you would think that this was my bread and butter.

The truth is, I’m not as adept at this as you might think. My focus has been on working for the landlord from a management perspective…… and that’s a totally different game!

For this reason I have come to realise that perhaps I could be doing a lot more for you.

So I have a proposition for you.

How would you like to hone your investing skills and build a property portfolio that could allow you the cashflow to do whatever you want?

Recently I partnered with one of Australia’s most successful property experts. This investor has well over 20,000 transactions to his credit. That’s buying, selling and developing property... and he’s made money in every direction.

He has a strategy that can turn $50,000 into $2million and through our partnership, he has agreed to share it with you.

The person I’m referring to is John Fitzgerald. John is a very sought-after industry expert; in fact you may have recently seen him on Sky News or the Today Show sharing his knowledge.

John has created hundreds of millionaires through his 7 Steps Strategy. 

These are people who can now rest in the knowledge that they will retire in the top 1% of Australians, providing unparalleled lifestyle for their family and able to give back to their community with their wealth and their time.

Currently I am looking for expressions of interest in this unique education platform. 

To take advantage of this lucrative knowledge, register below to receive regular news updates, event details and access to a tailor made online education portal that will motivate you to be all you can be.

Go to to register or call 1800 7STEPS (1800 778 377).

Robert Green
General Manager
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