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One of Australia’s most experienced and successful property investors, John Fitzgerald, is right here in Nerang. For 10 years I have been working on a project to collaborate with him to get everything that he’s learnt into packages that we, as real estate professionals, and you as real estate investors, can learn from.

He’s got quite a track record with over 10,000 properties he’s bought, sold or developed in 5 states of Australia. More importantly, he has created hundreds of millionaires that follow his 7 steps strategy, teaching them how to turn $50,000 into over $2 million through investing in property.

As a leading LJ Hooker Real Estate Agency, we see lots of property investors but very few who buy more than 1, 2 or 3 properties, or have a strategy of using property to build wealth and save tax.

I must confess that whilst working in the property industry for all these years, I’m not an expert on all the data, finance, tax benefits and high growth tools that John uses.

Spending time with John in his and our office, I realised that we need to collaborate.

So today, I’m very proud to announce that LJ Hooker Nerang are going to be collaborating with John Fitzgerald and his 7 Steps strategy, to bring investors real education and the knowledge, skills and tools to turn their current property portfolio into a high earning, high cashflow, wealth creation asset.

John Fitzgerald has over 1,000 client success stories. These clients can now retire in the top 1% of Australians, providing an unparalleled lifestyle for their family, and giving back to their community with their wealth and time.

This collaboration is a massive boon for all LJ Hooker clients and I look forward to seeing your success stories unfold.

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(Step #7 of the 7 Steps to Wealth – Be All You Can Be!)


To learn more, why not grab a seat for our next event – 8th November 2018 7PM – at LJ Hooker Nerang Office? CLICK HERE

Shane Colquhoun
LJ Hooker Nerang|Pacific Pines|Helensvale|Coomera