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Listen to Your Intuition

We talked about listening to your intuition as the third point of a triangle of forces or influences in our lives. We talked about coincidences, meetings, events that seem to be purposeful or meaningful or somehow symbolic in our lives – what we call ‘synchronicity’ – signposts that say, ‘You’re in the right place at the right time: stay awake.’

In this session, I want to say more about ‘staying awake’ or ‘staying aware’ because intuition and synchronicity are true, often untapped, secrets of success. Ideas and opportunities often seem to come to us, not because of anything we are doing to make them happen, but because we are available and aware. Available to an opportunity that comes out of nowhere and aware of the opening door it represents. We don’t make the opportunity but we need to know it when we see it.

Ideas can come from anywhere. 

They come to us in our sleep or when we are thinking about something else. So how do we capture them? Let’s use the ABC Triangle:

• There’s an awareness dimension to intuition. Learn to open your eyes, catch opportunities in your peripheral vision, and soak up ideas as they come – in your sleep, daydreams, meditation or whatever. The key is staying awake.

• There’s a belief dimension to intuition. Learn to trust in synchronicity – there are no ‘meaningless’ coincidences. I believe that every event and person who comes into our lives – good, bad or indifferent – we have somehow attracted, or chosen, or been sent, to help us on our path. The key is trust. Be willing to put your doubts aside and give your intuition a go.

• There’s a conduct dimension to intuition. Dare to act on the messages, ideas and hunches that come to you. The key is commitment because with each step we take down a given path, the more signposts we encounter. Sometimes you just have to go for it.

I’m suggesting that you need to listen to your intuition. Trust it. Nurture it. Challenge it.

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