Custodian Podcast – our guest land expert James Fitzgerald

podcasts with johns and james Fitzgerald

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About James Fitzgerald

James Fitzgerald

James Fitzgerald is the General Manager of JLF Group of Companies, a privately owned boutique property company, incorporating property development, investment education, and finance. In 2010, he was halfway through his bachelor degree in Law and Commerce, working part time at a law firm, when his uncle (the owner) asked him to come and do some work experience. He started on the Monday and, despite finishing his degree in law and accounting, has been here ever since… the company helps everyday Australians retire in financial comfort (this is where Custodian comes into play), and builds residential communities in the process. According to James, “It’s a great place to be a part of!” Since he started, he has overseen the construction of almost 2,000 houses on time and budget, and negotiated the purchase of more than 2,000 blocks of land. His responsibilities at JLF include the running of JLF property development business, as well as overseeing the research, acquisition and construction departments attached to Custodian. James’s contribution to this blog is invaluable as he not only knows the business in and out but is also fascinated by numbers. James’s ethics and transparent nature is undoubtedly the most appealing part of working with him at Custodian. And while still young, he has, just like his uncle, a wealth of knowledge in the industry.

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