7 Steps to Wealth

The Vital Difference between
Property and Real Estate

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John is not just an author; he has been in property for 35 years and built his own fortune.Bob Ell, Top 100 BRW, Billionaire 2017
I congratulate John on his compelling insights into how to make real estate work for you.Maha Sinnathamby, Top 100 BRW Billionaire 2017
This is the best book for property investors. John’s book should be taught in every single high school.Nev Pask, Top 100 BRW Billionaire 2017
I followed 7 Steps since 1998. My wife and I acquired 6 properties, sold 3 to fund our family home and now we’ve purchased our 4th investment property.Jason McCartney,Former AFL Player
I started 7 Steps in my 50s. 20 years on, I sold just 1 of my 10 properties and made $280,000 profit from a $47,000 deposit! Thanks to 7 Steps my retirement is securedMargaret Seedsman, Former Mayor
John presents an honest, time tested strategy to wealth accumulation that every Australian should know aboutMichael Baragwanath, Director of Enva
7 steps works. We weren’t property people when we got started, but we learned how to build a portfolio and retire early without the pension.Mark and Debbie Jarman, Self-Retired
7 Steps gives us a choice when to retire as opposed to 65 or 67 years of age.Margaret Wachnik, Business Owner

 What this book will teach you that no other book will:


1. The one secret of all financial success

2. The biggest mistake made by Australian property investors

3. How to build your own land bank

4. Established capital benchmarks and best location identifiers


5. Why you can’t trust the banks

6. Have positive cash flow & still get a $10,000 tax deduction

7. Why you should never buy apartments as investments

8. From Aussies who’ve done it

There is only truth in Numbers

If you’re wondering how much you will retire with, talk to us and we can help you do the maths. We have helped thousands of Australians build a comfortable retirement – after all, this is what you work for.


When I first read 7 Steps I didn’t believe I could acquire multiple properties. I now have 13 properties and regret I didn’t start sooner.Craig Chu, Banker


7 Steps to Wealth – The Event

The Vital Difference between Property & Real Estate


We look at the numbers.

700 Australians retire everyday – 90% of them go on the pension. Have you got a plan B? We do.

Our property investment seminars are designed to educate Australians on how to get their plan B ready and secure a comfortable, enjoyable retirement. 

98% of our attendees enjoy the evening and take home a thing or two.


Latest Article

Capitalist Strategies

If you’re a capitalist, it may be important for you to:
• remember the ‘win–win’ people and task approach to negotiation, so you keep those useful contacts and friends over time
• do a feasibility study, so you can see the potential downsides to the ‘bargains’
• slow down and make sure you aren’t making promises you won’t be able to deliver
• work with somebody who can do these things for or with you, to fill in the gaps
• put the word out to your contacts (real estate agents and others) that bargains, problem properties and vendor distressed sales are your ‘thing’ – and go for it!

7 Steps to Wealth - 8th edition

There is only Truth in Numbers…

Compound growth is the only way you can turn the equity from your house into thousands of dollars in assets. We've got so many clients who started with one property and are now up to six, eight, ten properties!  


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